The Week: Best of the blogs - Long road ahead

We set off in Garry's Audi at 6am to visit a potential client whose office is nearly in Scotland. Andrew Stephens from Goodstuff came with us. We decided it would be cheaper and more productive to drive, rather than go by train.

Everything went well for the first hour or so. But then disaster number one struck. We got a puncture on the fast lane of the motorway.

We couldn't drive all the way to Scotland on a temporary spare. So we diverted to a Kwik Fit in Rugby. We waited for Kwik Fit to open at 8.30am. We got a new tyre. Horribly behind schedule, we set off again.

Somewhere in Yorkshire we stopped for water, chewing gum and, in Robert's case, a pee. Disaster number two struck. Garry and Andrew were so focused on getting to the meeting that they failed to notice Robert had not got back into the car.

It took them five miles on the A1 before they realised Robert was not on board. Robert was still at the petrol station, sitting by the side of the road, without his phone, wallet or jacket, fighting off lonely truck drivers, practising his anger management skills.

Disaster number three? Somewhere near Scotch Corner, Kwik Fit in Rugby phoned to tell Garry he had left his wallet on top of a pile of tyres. (You can't get more honest than a Kwik Fit fitter.)

We arrived at our destination. Late but with some excellent excuses. Fortunately, the meeting went better than the journey.

Campbell Lace Beta,