The Week: Best of the blogs - Lunar's final hurrah

Have you read Bryan Buckley's interview in the new Shots? Aside from being a brilliant director, he is also a very interesting person.

His dad was an ad man who tried to quit society and live off the land. It didn't work out and he became a penniless alcoholic. Mom picked up the pieces and worked her way from a housewife to running DM for a department store. Brian moved nine times in six years but he says that other kids have endured much worse.

He also says that "shooting the 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' ads fucked up my mind. It was a crazy point in my life. I was already a powder keg and Vegas was the spark."

The mind boggles. But he puts a huge amount into his work and his most complete moments of joy are with his children. "If I could relive my life again, I would avoid the hurt that's happened with my kids and my ex-wife ... during my mid-life crisis I should have been a little smarter."

There are also some great pictures of him being shot by a chimp (he keeps humiliating them in his ads) and some great quotes about technique and what makes a good ad. To enjoy the rest, get hold of a copy.

I can't be arsed to type any more.


This is the last post of this blog. Thanks for reading. I hope it's been a pro rather than a con.