The Week: Best of the blogs - Do we value innovation?

Here you see the famous Boston comedian "Louis CK" appearing on the Conan O'Brien show.

And he is asking the very question which should rightly preoccupy the waking hours of anyone who works in technology marketing, indeed anyone who works in marketing - actually, make that anyone who lives in a market economy: what in God's name is the point of all this brilliant innovation if it brings so little enduring joy?

As advertising experts, we should ask ourselves why the public's appreciation of most things is so woefully low. Ask people about their mobile phone, their Sky+, their broadband connection - goods which would have seemed miraculous to our grandparents - and within a minute or so you'll be listening to complaints about the monthly bill.

Implicit in the activities of organisations such as Which? or programmes such as You and Yours is the assumption that consumers are blameless and rational individuals who are in permanent danger of being misled by evil corporations. I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion (as are a few scientists) that corporations do an OK job: it's the individual human who needs more serious investigation.

For all the talk about "value not price", do people have any genuine appreciation of value at all? This is a vitally important area of study for us. Partly because, if only at a small level, brand value might be one rare example when products are successfully imbued with a certain amount of added emotional enjoyment.