The Week: Best of the blogs - Why are you talking to me?

I get a few brands following me on Twitter. The most recent of these is the Volkswagen "escape" campaign. (I'm not sure, but I think it's Iris?)

On their Twitter page they say they will "help you escape this summer, with great competitions, events and more". That's why I followed them.

I don't own any VW products, but would relish the chance of some help on how to get away. But after six weeks I'm wondering why. They only talk about things that interest them and I'm yet to see any of their help about how I can get away. Plus, I even asked them why I should still be talking to them but they haven't replied.

I'm confused as to whether they want to be my friend, or whether they want to be a brand that talks at me. If they're a friend: well, friends chat about lots of different stuff. Don't just talk about stuff that you're bothered about. Talk to me about things I'm bothered about. Only talking about things that suit you is selfish and humans don't like selfish.

If they're a brand: well, I know you're only here for your benefit. You think that in the short term I'll interact with you so that in the longer term I'll remember you and purchase VW. If that's the case, engage with me in a way that adds value to me - not you. If you're going to talk to me about things that interest VW, then I'm going to expect something in return. And as you're a massively successful international brand, that usually means some kind of freebie.

And if you're neither of these, then what's the point in me talking to you?