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Innocent loses innocence

I have an Innocent most mornings. They're good for you, taste nice, and have funny stuff written on the side of the bottle. I also very occasionally have a McDonald's, though almost never these days. Recently Innocent started trialling their kids' drinks in some McDonald's. To me, this seems a bit weird, and feels a little short-sighted. But regardless of what I think, Innocent have at least had the courage to talk about it on their blog, and respond to the reaction their customers and blog readers have had. It's interesting how brand as social conversation and shared experience allows you to explore things in this way.

I can't imagine McDonald's doing it.

PS. For all the criticisms I have of McDonald's, I do miss Ronald McDonald - look how smart he looks in his hooped socks.

Terrible idea, I think. Innocent was a brand people trusted. Innocent and McDonald's don't go together in the same sentence. It really will have a massively negative impact on your brand - and let's face it, nobody will believe it's about anything but money, nobody will buy that it's about giving kids at McDonald's a healthier drink in their boxes of lard.

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What were you thinking of: McJuice, McSmoothie or McDollar?

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