The Week: Best of the blogs


So, the recent episode of The Apprentice was the one where the teams had to create an ad campaign.

Agreeing to let TV cameras into an agency is a tricky business. CHI didn't come out of it as badly as they might have (but Johnny Hornby's explanation of "what we call the Big Idea" was a borderline "advertising tosser" moment). But the conclusion the viewer might have drawn is that advertising is harder to do than it looks, because both teams produced work of such utter shiteness that it could have been bettered by a class of nine-year-olds.


Say what you like about the planning blogosphere, it is this which distinguishes them: they are more "generous" with their ideas. Creatives don't blog; account men don't blog; media buyers don't. Why not? One factor is that the other people are more interested in using ideas to secure individual advantage within their field than to advance the overall sum of wisdom. The typical creative team treats its new idea with the kind of secrecy unknown outside of an Al Qaeda cell. Planners are more eager to share. It is for this reason they are displacing creative people as industry rock stars.

Rory Sutherland,


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