The Week: Best of the Blogs

Saatchis' dr martens gaffe

I think these (Dr Martens) ads are pretty good given the brand and the target market. As a campaign, the concept has legs, and it definitely should have been presented.

This whole thing has the air of a spec campaign that never went through legal, which wouldn't have mattered if the ad campaign hadn't gotten loose.

What killed this wasn't the creative. It was the lack of communication between creative, account services and the client that did it in. The ending could have been, and should have been, better.


Biggest adland disappointment: In terms of places I've visited, most definitely M&C Saatchi. It felt much more guarded and stuffy than any other agency I've gone to - which is probably why it seems to be quite prehistoric in its thinking. I'm sure there are good people there, but my experience was not positive. HAIL THE UNSUNG BRANDS

Every single conference is full of them: the innumerable self-congratulatory adland references to Great Brands Metrosexuals Really Like. Innocent. Apple. Nike. The Guardian. Fresh & Twatting Wild. I'd like to spare a moment for some wonderful brands that never receive a peep of recognition. Here are my first four nominations for inclusion in the Unfashionably Brilliant Hall of Fame - Argos, National Express, Travelodge and Dr Ian Paisley.

Rory Sutherland,