The Week: Best of the blogs


Here was me having a not-so-bad Monday for once, and then bam! I see the new London 2012 Olympic logo. I would say I'm left speechless, but it's more muttering and bashing my head against my keyboard.

I love street art and I'm all for the concept "everyone being involved". This logo, though, does nothing but cheapen the brand and show the rest of the world that we are pants at design - which we aren't. This was a missed chance to show the rest of the world how much talent and quality there is in design within the UK.


Is it me, or is most online advertising really pony? For instance, the Virgin Casino campaign that won a silver Pencil recently. Let me refresh your memory. You click on the word "spin" and a chap dressed like a croupier spins around. In another execution, you click on the word "stand", and a man stands up. Genius. If I presented anything so woeful to my creative director, he'd laugh me out of the room.

Digital is still in its infancy, and I'm sure we will begin to see more maturity in the work. For now, will everyone please calm down. Clients, throwing all your money into digital might not always be the best answer. And awards juries, please try to be more critical. In a year when the brilliant Nike "St Wayne" poster didn't get a look in at D&AD, Pencils were being handed out like candy bars in online. There's something not right there.