The Week: Best of the blogs


Ideas are invaluable to everyone. Why then, do so many people (in media at least, although not at the place I call home) still regard them as "fluffy" and inconsequential; an optional extra or final layer of icing, as opposed to the primary force behind a campaign? Ideas have been the currency of the creative agency since time immemorial, but it's probably only in the past five to ten years that media agencies have had to become more competent in creating and handling these most enigmatic of entities. Too many people enjoy the easy comfort which the comms equivalent of a worn-in pair of slippers provides (400 ratings and a bit of press).

Graeme Douglas, http://adman-


It has become fashionable to lay the many problems of the ad industry at the feet of creatives. And of all their crimes, the ultimate is they "don't get it". In some circles, particularly the blogosphere, the ridicule meted out to above-the-line creatives borders on a kind of blood sport. In particular, it is practised by members of the new marketing mafia who never made it in proper advertising. Well, I'm fed up of this. That we now need advertising to perform different tasks and want new skills from our creative colleagues is a cause for restructuring the roles of people in the discipline, not the chance for an outpouring of ridicule for less talented people to score some short-term points.

Richard Huntington,