The Week: Best of the blogs


Are the 15 minutes of fame worth it? Once a person surrenders themselves to the jaws of the baying media, anything can happen. Many people who court and secure fame later find themselves regretting it. I've worked with Jonathan Durden at PHD. He's an ideas man. At the very least, he should be hosting something along the lines of The Apprentice For Those Who Think They've Got The Best Business Idea in the World.

He'd be the perfect talent spotter to cover that inter-tidal zone between the chaos of creativity and the rationale of business. But now he'll be remembered for what he does in the Big Brother house over the next 20 days, not what he's achieved in business over the past 20 years. He must know the risks, so why on earth is he doing it? Maybe Durden knows something we don't; it wouldn't be the first time.


The old stomping ground of the Gutter Bar is really still just that as the Monday night revellers found drinks, laughs and near-fatal car accidents at 72 Croisette. However, the pricing structure of drinks has flown straight out of the window, as the bar staff apparently just plucked numbers out of thin air when charging customers. One "refreshed" drinker commented: "I don't know where they get the prices from, but I wouldn't be surprised if they just had a bingo machine out back."

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