The Week: Best of the Blogs


So the killjoys at the BACC have banned the "go to work on an egg" campaign. Anyone who cares about the freedom to advertise should hop on a soapbox now, galvanise the Action for Ads campaign and tell the BACC to get real. What on earth harm could this campaign possibly do, when it's OK for us to be allowed to watch ads for that nutritional gem Pot Noodle? Please write to the BACC. Write to the papers. Write to your MP. Blog for England. It's an irony that while the industry's glitterati are soaking up the sun in Cannes, our thought police are hellbent on reducing legitimate opportunities to create new award winners.

David Wethey,


During Cannes every year, I'm amazed by the rising tide of scam work that washes up. I'm aware this has been happening for a long time, but I can't help feeling that with the advent of new categories, there is more "scam" than ever before. While motivation is easy to see - financial rewards for winning, local industry glory, blah blah - how satisfying can the glory be for winning an award for work that didn't exist against a brief that didn't exist based on a cookie-cutter formula with a force fit logo tacked on? And doesn't it devalue awards won for legitimate work? One question with an obvious answer is the impact it has on the industry - it makes an already hollow industry seem paper-thin in its irrelevant self-adulation.