The Week: Best of the blogs


I believe planning, in its current form, is clearly broken. Why? At the end of the day, the sole responsibility of the planner is to ensure the work works. Yet all the data suggests this is clearly not the case. Brands' market shares, more often than not, are static. So we're not doing a very good job at changing behaviour.

In most categories, brands are seen by people as being increasingly similar. So we're not creating value by making brands heterogeneous. When you get to the more "response-oriented" communication, we accept pathetic amounts of response and interaction to be seen as successful. As much as we have a tendency to lay the blame for this at the door of the creative department, we have to be the ones to shoulder the blame and try to change things.


I won't try and bullshit about advertising being great, spew lies about lunches, intellectualise what a planner's role is, or hide from you the fact that the first year or two is quite demoralising. Sorry, that's all a bit rank really, isn't it? But it's honest. So what is there to celebrate? The people I've crossed paths with in advertising are funny, dull, clever, shit, fantastic, egocentric, generous, inspirational, demotivating, helpful, harmful, indulgent, bullies, grateful ... I could go on. My point being that nowhere else in a work environment have I come across such a colourful group.