The Week: Best of the blogs

Is Jon Williams a threat?

This is Jon Williams, formerly a digital creative director ... who just got hired to be executive creative director of one of Britain's biggest above-the-line agencies. OK, so it's only Grey. Nevertheless, one has to ask, does this news not represent a massive threat to all above-the-line creatives, or, more accurately, to all above-the-line creatives without digital expertise and experience? -

According to Campaign, Williams has looked after lots of kinds of creative departments. Sounds like he could be the archetypal "modern" creative director. - Rjhayter

There's long been a pecking order in this country. There were those who did poster, press and "films", and then there was everyone else. Now the "everyone else" are hammering on the walls like the zombies outside the pub in Shaun of the Dead. Hope you've got a shotgun. - Anonymous

While none of the US agencies have gone out and hired a digital CD for ATL work, they make lots of noise about how digitally savvy they are, to the point that you'd think it pained them to have to do a TV spot. They all want to do digital if it means making a TV ad that gets posted to YouTube and goes "viral". If you were Grey, wouldn't you try something like that to shake things up? It's not like all sorts of top-notch ATL creatives are lining up to take that job. - Toad.