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How to ask for a pay rise

The sad truth is that no one will ever give you a pay rise. You always have to ask. But often, if you're like most creatives, you don't ask. Instead, you sit in your office, stewing, thinking that your boss is taking the piss, he must surely know how under-paid you are, it's rude, cruel and frankly almost inconceivable that he hasn't called you in to give you a pay rise.

It's a shame that we creatives are not more demanding, and often sit there stewing.

Account men never do. Account men are constantly scratching at the door of their head of account management saying: "I want more money; I want better accounts; I want a promotion; I want to be in charge of something ... how about graduate recruitment? Could I be in charge of that?"

So, to get a pay rise, the first thing you have to do is ask for one. But what do you say? Don't say you've been working hard. He doesn't care if you work 23 hours a day, or half-an-hour a day. He just wants good work.

Don't say there are pressing personal reasons why you need a raise. You want to buy a flat. Who cares? Your wife is pregnant. Who cares? Is she going to write some ads for him? Probably not. Especially if she's pregnant.

Truth is, it's not about what you say. It's about when you say it. There is only one time to ask for a pay rise, and that is just after you have won an award. It's a cliche, but it works.