The Week: Best of the blogs


Would you like significance in the advertising industry?

Would you like people to talk about you even if they've never met you?

Would you like to be mentioned in the Campaign Diary?

Well, you need a thing.

Graham Fink has expensive clothing.

Trevor Beattie has his beautiful ringlets.

Robin Wight ... bowties.

Maurice Saatchi had glasses.

And Tiger Savage ... well she used to have her name/clothes, but now she's got "being airbrushed to buggery in the new issue of Shots".

So is this accidental or is it a deliberate attempt to create a "brand"?

Do we need ad people as brands? Are they better or worse than the alternative?

We're not sure Sir John Hegarty has a thing, other than his genius at advertising.

And what is Nick Bell's "thing"? Or Paul Silburn's? Or Tony Davidson's?

It seems you can be really great without standing out for anything other than your work, but there are obviously some people who need a little bit more than that.

Let's leave the last words to Enid Bartleby, or whatever Tiger's real name is: "It's very easy for people not to look beyond the external physical appearance - shoes, handbags and hats all tell a story.

"I guess it often feels like everyone knows the 'Tiger brand', but very few people know the real me."

Lunar BBDO.