The Week: The best of

"It will be interesting to see if senior staff do make any kind of efforts to lighten the blow in the months to come.

Times are hard and, of course, Bartle Bogle Hegarty should be saluted for not just slashing jobs but giving their employees other options." - John W, commenting on the news that BBH is contemplating a 3.5 per cent pay cut

"Nothing spreads faster than bad experiences. And in this day and age, that spread, that speed and that power of 'WWWOM' (wicked worldwide word of mouth) can seriously damage business. Why? Well, it is not only the immediate impact of the shared bad experience but the fact that all this word of mouth, good as well as bad, is archived and will exist for quite a long time." - Ivan Pollard: The small, clever blog

"This viral campaign from Adidas Originals has it all. Superstar endorsement, interactivity, user-engagement and cascades of high-quality content." - Check out David Beckham and the rest in Viral View, our round-up of the best in viral advertising, created in association with GoViral

- Do you know your David Abbott from your David Ogilvy? To celebrate the glories of the past 40 years and the 40 most influential people who have shaped British advertising into the world leader it is today, Campaign has created the inaugural Hall of Fame gallery.

See how many of adland's elite you can name.