The Week: The best of

Between 2003 and 2008, Mother produced 20 Gold Spot ads for Orange. Campaign has picked the best ten to show you - including star performances from Rob Lowe, Snoop Dogg and Darth Vader - but which do you think should have made the list?

Orange Gold Spots by Mother, Campaign's Top 10

It's over-played. It would be a much more engaging ad if the first 60 seconds were lopped off, and if it played more with the audience's perception of Keira.

Red Brown on Grey's new Women's Aid ad featuring Keira Knightly

I quite like the new Aviva ad - the one about treating people as individuals. But boy, they needed something good after their name-change ad - which I found posted on YouTube under the heading of "The Worst Ad On TV". You've done what? Launched a new product, pledged better service? Oh, I see - you've changed your name. That's kind of more in your interest to tell me, than it's in my interest to listen to it. Because you know what? I've got eight million more important things to worry about. - Steve Henry, a creative's blog

In what was a halycon week for daytime TV, I got to watch This Morning to see if Fern and Phil really do dislike each other, as the tabloids suggest. I considered reporting Fern to Ofcom for mouthing the word "bollocks" at the camera, but relented when I realised that, during the worst recession of modern times, the poor old girl had just walked out on a job that pays more than £700,000. She doesn't need kicking when she's down. - Ian Darby, Darby on TV blog