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You know, starting an agency is pretty exciting. But when you strip it right down, there are only three things to think about.

1. Getting talented, courageous, forward-thinking people to come and work at the agency. 2. Getting talented, courageous, forward-thinking clients to come and work with the agency. 3. Doing some great work. So we've decided to search for four partners. Only rule is that one of them has to be at least half Campbell's age.

Campbell Lace Beta, the start-up blog

What do members of the general public really think of ITV's big-budget new branding campaign, by Bartle Bogle Hegarty? One man says he "thought it was a religious ad".

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Putting the advertising business into the wider public consciousness is a good thing. There are thousands of amazingly creative people (whose inclusion would benefit the industry) that do not consider advertising (as a career) as it is not heralded half as much as it should be. Ask your average Year 11 young person to name an agency and they'd struggle.

Troy Kennedy on The Gruen Transfer, a new TV show about advertising

I came back from the Algarve last week to find that I'd joined McCann Birmingham. Apparently. Now, I'm not saying that this opening sentence has quite the same power as: "Gregor Samsa awoke one morning to find he'd been transformed into a giant insect." But it does seem to have prompted a few ripples in adland.

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