The Week: The best of

"It's been a bit of a nightmare. It's a much bigger production on many levels." - Paul Silburn, Saatchi & Saatchi's joint ECD, tells how the agency created its latest T-Mobile ad, which saw 13,000 people descend on Trafalgar Square for a mass karaoke event

"Now on to the next RFI. It also has to be sent off today. But Garry has other ideas. He has become obsessed with getting on the Innocent pitch. Even though the list has been compiled and is now shut. Garry is like a pit bull with lockjaw. He cannot and will not let go." - Campbell Lace Beta, the start-up blog

"I doubt they would tax any online advertising that supports quality content. If it happens at all, it's more likely to focus on search, which is driven by on- and offline ads (and editorial) but doesn't pay anything towards it. And search makes money, which little else online does." - Tess Alps on the Government's denial of plans to introduce a tax on internet advertising

"I was in a meeting with clients the other day and they were showing me their vision of the future. One of the clips in their epic movie stuck out. It was a picture of a fit-looking, grey-haired dude in a wetsuit poised athletically on a surfboard as he rode out a magnificent wave. All sinew and silver hair, this surfing sexagenarian was accompanied by the voiceover: '90 will be the new 60.'" - Ivan Pollard, the small, clever blog.