The Week: The best of

"We wanted to try a bunch of different textures, so we're using Super 8, mobiles and proper 35mm cameras. At least 70 per cent of people are not actors, they're cast from the street itself." - McCann Erickson's Simon Friedberg tells about the filming of the latest MasterCard ad

"To say these campaigns are ineffective because they cannot be measured with a ruler is as ridiculous as saying global warming does not exist because I have not seen an iceberg floating down the Thames yet. Do statisticians have no common sense whatsoever?" - Kevin Gordon on National Audit Office claims that the DfT's Think! campaign has had no impact on reductions in road casualties

"One of the best things about not having any clients is you have time to hang out with friends. We go to visit Sue Unerman and Jane Ratcliffe at MediaCom. Sue, Jane, Garry and Robert discuss many things, including what a great idea the T-Mobile flashmob was in Trafalgar Square last week. A fabulous piece of media thinking. We wonder who came up with it. The 'media' agency, or the 'creative' agency?" - Campbell Lace Beta, the "doing it our way" blog

"It was fun, but I wasn't sure what it was supposed to be telling me. The message wasn't very clear." - Adam, 29, on the latest Barclays ad. Check out Public View for more