The Week: The best of

"Let us ignore, for the moment, the fact that we talk about digital as if it is a noun and not an adjective. Why are we so excited about 'it'?

Because it does have lots going for it. It is direct, it is downloaded, it is demanded by the consumer. It is interactive, it is interesting, it is infinite. It is cheap, it is cheerful and, in a few cases, it is cherished. But it is not the answer to everything, even if it looks like it." - Ivan Pollard, the small, clever blog

"The irony is that more people now know about because of this ASA decision. It may be insensitive, but banning it gives them more exposure than the initial e-mail." - Oliver Christie, on the Advertising Standards Authority's decision to ban an e-mail campaign that used the death of Natasha Richardson to promote ski helmets

"People are keen on having transparent measures, standards and auditing (for internet advertising), but they're not certain they're getting those things at the moment." - Alison Fennah, the European Interactive Advertising Association's executive director, talks to about its attempts to devise an industry-wide auditing system for online

"This has removed all the best elements of the original - and, unlike 'Brains', the CGI is not very good. It's like the advertising equivalent of The Phantom Menace." - 'Barack Obama' on CHI & Partners' new Drench ad.