The Week: The best of

"The sentiment expressed by (Chelsea's) Didier Drogba recently was one that has been expressed by many poets and artists.

When Didier said 'what a f*cking disgrace', referring to some dubious refereeing decisions relating to the Barcelona 12-yard area, he was echoing the sense of despair and disappointment that has haunted Man down the ages. It has perhaps been most eloquently expressed by Matthew Arnold in the lines from the end of his poem Dover Beach." - Steve Henry, a creative's blog

"The view of taking a message and shooting it at people is shifting to a new world where communications is about content and content knows no boundaries." - Miles Young, the Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide chief executive, on launching the new green agency OgilvyEarth

"So. It's been almost one month since Garry and Robert officially opened the doors of Garry's Audi for business. What have we achieved? (Apart from dancing around a maypole like a couple of Beltane Geezers.) 1) We've found an office. Or at least we think we have. It's right next to the Charlotte Street Hotel. Handy for breakfast." - Campbell Lace Beta, the "doing it our way" blog

"Is it bad that I didn't have a clue who John Shuttleworth was until I Googled him?" - "Com Flake" on Beattie McGuinness Bungay's "teatime is important" ad for Yorkshire Tea "starring" the comedy character John Shuttleworth