The Week: The best of

"Burrow into Campaign's archive. Go back - five years, seven years, ten years - and read what accompanies the launch of any new ad campaign.

Witness the bragadaccio. Clock the hubris. Be astonished by the bollocks. (By the way, what happened to that seminal agency Hubris, Bollocks and Bragadaccio? Did they get bought by Omnivore?) And, after you've read the promises, laugh like a drain at what really happened." - Steve Henry, a creative's blog

"I don't know how you define a TV commercial (any more). I think there is more film being shot now and that the power of film is stronger now than ever before. What length the film, is up for debate." - Tony Davidson, the joint ECD at Wieden & Kennedy, at the Nabs Arrows Archive evening discussion on the future of TV advertising

"I agree, this is a lovely ad, but you're completely missing the point if you think it should have 'contemporary characters' in it. It's an ad about TV advertising's ability to last. You can't demonstrate that with ads that are on telly at the moment." - S Cameron on Thinkbox's new TV ad, created by The Red Brick Road

"We've both worked in ads for years, and as much as we love it, we're also often struck by how phrases and ways of thinking, that although sounding like script fodder for Nathan Barley, still get used every day. So it's with tongue-in-cheek that we give you 'Adland Bingo' - compiled with love (it goes without saying that 'adland' in itself is yet another cliche)." - Lolly and Nat, smells like creative team spirit blog.