The Week: The best of

"In case you were wondering why we have been driving up and down the A1, it was because we were doing a pitch. Our first big one.

For an online bingo company called Tombola. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we didn't win. We crashed the list. Did the work in two weeks. Saw off two major agencies. Got down to the last two. And came second. Bummer." - Campbell Lace Beta blog

"I have seen it before and I liked it. It was on TV last night and my housemates and I were like: 'That's a really good ad.'" - Public View: Victoria, 22, student, on Bartle Bogle Hegarty's latest Robinsons ad

"What's the point of your agency? A healthy profit? Well, I hope this is one of your aims, otherwise why are you in business? Problem is, you should be able to share your number one goal with colleagues and clients. And it's unlikely you'll tempt your people out of bed on a Monday morning with the thought that 'today's the day we all take that giant leap towards the 18 per cent year-on-year growth target our FD wrote into the first quarter forecast'." - Steve Harrison, in the second extract from How To Do Better Creative Work

"I love it. Even if it is a rehash. It works, feels fresh and blows most agency sites out of the water in terms of evoking the spirit of the place." - GD on the new YouTube Boone Oakley website that takes a pop at larger rivals.