The Week: The best of

"Integrated is like the Holy Grail now. If you do something average in that (category), you will do well, but if you do a brilliant ad in traditional media, you are not going to do well. There's a slight snobbery going on." - Jeremy Craigen talks to at last week's D&AD Awards

"Would people bother to watch or send this around online? I think it needs to be more extreme and funnier to work as a viral. It feels like a TV ad that's a little too long rather than a online ad." - Ad cruncher on VCCP's latest "anti-binge-drinking" viral

"Understanding what makes a TV ad memorable is miles away from what will improve the open rate on the fifth installment of a monthly e-mail campaign. Getting people under one roof is a fine idea, but expecting marketers or creatives or planners to be expert in branding, digital, direct mail, PR and production is to create an agency of mediocrity." - John Baker on TBWA's rebadging as Media Arts

"My first encounter with a planner was at BMP in the 70s. He said to the kids (in a focus group): 'Now, do you watch any of these shows on television?' One said: 'Yeah, we watch all of them. Except Star Trek, UFO and Thunderbirds.' The planner raised an eyebrow. He said: 'So, does this mean that speculation about some vague technological future has no place in your everyday lives?' The little kid said: 'No, they ain't on no more.'" - Dave Trott, Trott goes on and on and on.