The Week: The best of

"The UK PR industry is dominated by financial and corporate PR companies and those campaigns are not very easy to enter into awards shows." - Lord Tim Bell defends the UK's poor showing in the inaugural PR Lions

"So, Queensland Tourism has followed the likes of UniQlo last year and scooped more than one Grand Prix. This is leading to talk about it picking up the Titanium and Integrated award as well. At the same time, pretty much every jury has proclaimed that their Grand Prix winners could take the Titanium top prize, and they may be right. The convergence of media and the move to integration is leading to an ever-diminishing distance between categories." - The Campaign Cannes blog

"Work in the UK has subtlety and nuance, particularly in direct, and sometimes that doesn't translate. Our market is so fragmented by agency that there is no one agency that can hold all of the key media outlets. In Australia or Belgium, you can control every element of the media to make sure your campaign has impact." - Steve Aldridge talks to about the UK's performance in the Direct Lions

"We're doing global web strategy for a vast financial services organisation. We're involved in building an e-commerce business for some very famous people. We're doing some pro bono consultancy for a bunch of high-profile entrepreneurs who want to save the world. Involved in an Entertainment against Aids project in Africa. And there's an interesting sex-toy business ..." - Robert Campbell reveals what Campbell Lace Beta is up to.