The Week: The best of

"Michael Jackson will best be remembered for the Pepsi commercial, but did you know he also starred in ads for brands including Suzuki and Sony?" - Campaign picks the top ten Michael Jackson ads

"In the world of marketing, we bombard people with messages, many of which have 'continual and competing narratives'. Asda are cheaper than Tesco. Tesco are cheaper than Asda. (Sometimes I'm tempted to lock them both in a room and say - 'Now, one of you must be lying.')" - Steve Henry, a creative's blog

"What's your favourite Volkswagen ad? 'Lemon'? 'Funeral'? 'Snowplough'? 'The great pretender'? Or even 'Singin' in the rain'?" - As Volkswagen is named Cannes Advertiser of the Year, take a look at DDB's selection of the best VW ads of all time

"The best-kept secret of the internet for Brits may be American Public Radio. The initials NPR usually are taken to stand for National Public Radio, unless you are right of centre (in which case, you claim they stand for National Pinko Radio). Regardless of your politics, the quality of the best programming is spectacular and an instant riposte to Europeans who see Americans as unintellectual, or even sometimes a bit thick." - Rory Sutherland, the big, brilliant blog.