The Week: The best of

"When my grandfather was a doctor in South Wales, the local hospital proudly unveiled its first X-ray machine.

At the official opening ceremony, the mayor removed his chain and all other metallic objects to christen the device as its first-ever 'patient'. This was only intended as a publicity stunt. Unfortunately, the inaugural X-ray revealed a cancer somewhere in the mayor's chest. They operated almost immediately but he was dead within a month." - Rory Sutherland, the big, brilliant blog

"Whether you like it or not, you've got to give credit to Nike for getting a 30-second ad on BBC1! Watching yesterday, to me it looked as though it was a blatant Nike ad, but the BBC obviously didn't see it that way ..." - Matt Saunders on Nike's Roger Federer ad that aired on the BBC on Sunday

"Love it. The musical style matches the message perfectly. The recession references are ever so slightly overcooked, but the tunnel-overtaking sequence made me laugh out loud." - Art Garfunkel on DDB's latest VW ad, "positive thinking"

"We are currently in the middle of one of the most turbulent times this industry has ever experienced and the effect this is having on advertising and media folk is taking its toll. If we can't help our friends and colleagues at a time like this, when can we?" - Nick Bampton, the new Nabs chairman, on the challenges facing adland's charity.