The Week: The best of

"It's enormously difficult to get original thinking through conventional research. Someone told me 'gorilla' wasn't put into research. It was the concept of 'Glass and a Half Full Productions' that gathered the necessary scores to prise the budget out of the board. The chances of getting an ad like 'gorilla' through conventional research are tiny." - Steve Henry, a creative's blog

"Brands such as Marmite and Blue Square, with no previous direct relationship with cricket, have both come up with that perennial summer sporting marketing tool - the fans' song. All it needs is a good online seeding campaign." - Viral View takes a look at the best Ashes campaigns

"As an Economist reader, I'm furious. What a waste. The Economist doesn't make my mind wander. I read it because of its humour, its take on world events, and its precise and concise reporting. The amount of information within each issue is staggering. Where was all of this?" - Rob Garner on AMV's new ad for The Economist

"We've decided to hold a breakfast for all our blog commentators. A sort of bloggers' breakfast flash mob. So if you are a Beta blog commentator, expect an invitation soon. There will also be special guests. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it. Especially the lovely Richard Huntington, who is a top bloke, a top blogger and who we hope we have not offended." - Campbell Lace Beta, the "doing it our way" blog.