The Week: The best of

"Dawn Airey once famously described Five's output as 'football, films and f**king'.

Now she's back at the broadcaster, she seems more intent on reinventing it along the lines of 'farming, fishing and fighting'. Highlights in its schedule include Farmer Wants A Wife, Robson Green's Extreme Fishing and a season of fight movies featuring Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme." - Ian Darby, Darby on TV

"We are all so conscious of looking for the big, new, groundbreaking thing, the thing that makes the difference and nudges us on a bit, that we often overlook the ideas that just work. Those ideas that do what they are designed to do, do it with the minimum of fuss and do it without breaking the rules or without changing the game. It seems to me that the ideas we celebrate and rejoice over, the ideas we laud and throw parties for, the ideas that we reward and that make news, are the big, new, exciting ones. But shouldn't we also admire the simple, good ones too?" - Ivan Pollard, the small, clever blog

"The arch-sledgers out-sledged! Love it. These are great beer ads. Hope the client buys loads more. Tone of voice is spot-on." - Gerry Farrell on the Marston's Pedigree "Ashes" campaign by Delaney Lund Knox Warren

"Such sad news. I worked with Martin a couple of years ago at JWT. I didn't know him well but was struck by his energy and enthusiasm - he was a pleasure to have met." - Graham Bednash on the death of Martin Cole.