The Week: The best of

"Thank you for giving Joe Public and me the opportunity to deliver your content. I'm sure the world won't miss the ad industry and all the so-called creatives whose job it used to be.

Why stop there? I look forward to the day when the airline industry also asks its customers to step into the cockpit and fly the plane and hospitals invite us into theatres to perform the operations." - Grilla Login on the latest Wispa Gold campaign, which asks the public to create poster straplines

"At TED, Stephen Fry recently observed of the Protestant reformation that Cambridge produced the martyrs and then Oxford burned them. We ourselves need fewer politicians. We need more dissenters and sceptics, not people whose chief talent is advancing their political careers by gently fellating the status quo." - Rory Sutherland, the big, brilliant blog

"It ticked many of the boxes but research found that the play on words didn't drive the required affection and in many cases was met with groans. We weren't sure that it was so bad that it was good." - Read how a cartoon meerkat transformed the fortunes of struggling price-comparison site in the latest paper shortlisted for the APG Creative Strategy Awards

"I guess if I had to describe it in one word, it would be funny." - Find out what the public thinks of the latest Specsavers ad in this week's Public View.