The Week: The best of

- "At the Fairtrade Foundation, we think Fallon has totally captured the love of music, dance and community celebration that anyone who has ever visited Ghana will instantly recognise. We're glad Cadbury and Fallon worked so closely with Ghanaian creatives to come up with this new campaign. In doing so, they have once again emerged with a completely refreshing approach that will achieve a lot more than just a 'purple ad'." - Barbara Crowther defends Fallon's "Zingolo" ad against a barrage of online criticism

- "Take a look at any list of so-called '100 greatest ads' - which, by the way, won't have many examples in it from the last few years. (What you might call the 'committee years'.) What you'll see is a bunch of ads that all have one thing in common - which is that they all have something 'wrong' with them. In fact, what's 'wrong' with them is what makes them successful." - Steve Henry, a creative's blog

- "Brilliant. Insightful planning. Simply executed. Client with balls." Stu Park on the controversial new ads that poke fun at other retailers - "Andy Duncan and his C4 team have seemed lost in a maze, running first this way and that in a bid to find a way out but becoming increasingly lost. Both ITV and C4 sorely need new leadership and soon." - Ian Darby, Darby on TV.