The Week: The best of

"We're having fun. We're doing good work (fingers crossed). Why screw it up by pitching mindlessly? So we've decided to close our doors to new business for a while.

Give our existing clients the attention they more than deserve. Do some housekeeping. Persuade Campaign to take a picture of us that doesn't make us look like dodgy rozzers etc. Oh, and we feel we've been neglecting our blog. So to get things going again, and to celebrate our good fortune so far, we're going to give a prize of £1,000 to the most interesting, amusing, useful, useless, outrageous comment posted on our blog during the month of October." - Campbell Lace Beta blog

"Online allows people the luxury of time, because it isn't paid-for media. This allows them to indulge in films of longer time-lengths, and to stretch a slender thought, and one's patience, with stuff that could easily send one to the land of zzzzs in 30 seconds, or fewer." - "Grilla login" on Juan Cabral's new online film for Sony, "Soundville"

"A journalist once described me as having the worst dress sense in advertising. It was a fair point, and one I was reminded of when I went to talk to Bucks College in High Wycombe last week. I started off by telling them that they were studying the wrong subject at the wrong time. As you do. I told them it felt like the end of something." - Steve Henry, a creative's blog.