The Week: The best of

"The numbers of comments on our blog took a dramatic upturn last week. The witty, the poetic, the controversial, the wise and the bitchy all threw their hats into the ring to win our £1,000 'comment of the month' prize.

But the 'comment of the week', by a country mile, and therefore the current £1,000 frontrunner, wasn't even on our blog. It was in Campaign. And it was written by none other than Claire Beale: 'Asking Garry Lace to stop chasing new business is like asking a dog to stop licking its balls.' Laugh? In the words of the late, great Peter Cook, 'we nearly shat'. So, who's gonna knock Claire off the top slot?" - Campbell Lace Beta, the "doing it our way" blog

"Great read, loved the fashion features, artists to watch, restaurant guides, simple layout. Brilliant ... I hope it continues to do well!" - Cherie D'Avino on the first issue of Stylist magazine

"It is becoming more and more apparent that internet users do not engage with conventional online ads. Following the same trend as the traditional media, the online advertising clutter has become endemic." - GoViral analyses the goings-on on the web in this week's Viral View

"I like the warm colours, it's quite nostalgic, like a Hovis ad would be." - Laura, 44, housewife, tells Public View what she thinks of JWT's new Patak's ad.