The Week: C4 outlines digital plans in public-service blueprint

The Channel 4 chief executive, Andy Duncan, has unveiled the broadcaster's vision for its future, including a £50 million investment in digital media and a reduction in imported US shows in favour of greater levels of original programming.

Duncan's "Next on 4" blueprint for its role in public-service broadcasting outlines how the broadcaster intends to expand its role from broadcast into new digital media, including digital radio and online.

Channel 4 has created a £50 million fund, called the "Four Innovations for the Public", which will provide for collaboration on digital content between Channel 4 and development agencies across the UK.

Duncan also unveiled ambitious programming plans, including a commitment to broadcast more new programmes in peaktime than any other broadcaster. This will be funded by a 20 per cent reduction in acquired programming, freeing £35 million for UK originated content.