The Week: DDB heads down South for Volkswagen Tiguan TV spot

DDB has launched a new TV spot for Volkswagen, featuring Walter, a driving instructor from the deep south of the US, whose students mysteriously have a 100 per cent pass rate.

The ad, promoting the Tiguan marque, was written and art directed by DDB's Grant Parker, and follows the elderly driving instructor teaching a variety of incompetent drivers to command a vehicle.

Shot in rural Georgia, the commercial features candid interviews with local folk in the town of Ellijay, where Walter teaches, who are all baffled by his success.

In the final shot, Walter hands over the keys to his Tiguan to a pupil, offering him the car for the test. The strapline then explains that the marque is "simply effortless" to drive. The ad, which was directed by Jeff Labbe through Sonny London, is supported by a cinema and online campaign.

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