The Week: Human pyramids replace singing bankers in Halifax ad

Halifax launched its latest ad campaign this week - without Howard Brown or a singing bank clerk in sight - featuring staff creating human pyramids to hand out £5 notes to customers.

The ad, by Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners, continues the theme of "staff as stars". It follows the musical ads of 2008, which were criticised for being insensitive in the tough economic climate.

In the new ad, staff run through housing estates, along country lanes and around town centres, before arriving at a shopping centre, an office block and a train station to build human pyramids.

DLKW kept hold of the £18 million Halifax account in August last year after a pitch against DDB London, TBWA\London and Fallon.

Lloyds TSB announced that it would retain the Halifax brand following its merger with HBOS in December.

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