The Week: i-Q - The internet question - Has Adam & Eve found a winning formula?

Wow! What a radical idea! Agency taps into pool of multidisciplined talent and employs media-neutral approach.

Woo hoo! It's like, er, the integrated approach, but, er, with a bit of a wacky name. Seriously, forgive the sarcasm, but the business model described just doesn't appear to be anything wildly different from many other agencies out there. - Colin Montgomery

I think you're wrong. Talking about integration, media neutrality and drawing on pools of diverse talent isn't wildly different. However, actually doing it and making it a commercial success definitely is. - J Rigby

Maybe it's not a new formula, but making it work is the most difficult challenge. I love seeing start-ups come out of people who've been senior and part of a big network. It shows some balls to put it all on the line. - Stringer

They seem to be adopting this independent production company model, ie. a few directors + get a commission + screw the talent + hire some freelancers to deliver. I think it will work so long as they can resist indulging in a marbled reception area. - David Cuff

Hope they don't want - it's already taken. - Siobhan Long

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