The Week: i-Q - The internet question - Is advertising sexist?

Sex is sexist, we are all human beings, let us focus on our areas of commonality and not bitch about our differences. - S J Rutledge

Errr ... some is, some isn't. Next!!! - Will Callaghan

Yep, it's like with people ... some are, some aren't and that's all. Advertising reflects the times we all live in. It doesn't disturb the picture of the whole community, it only reflects it. Advertising was much more sexist 30 years ago, with cliches placing women in the kitchen. Since then, advertising has changed - but the change is not inside it, it is in society. - Voitek Kowalik

Does anyone think some of the Churchill ads are racist? - Jack Bauer

I love that Opium/Sophie Dahl campaign. Some of the best photography around that captures a strongly seductive and beautifully surreal image. It's compelling, complimentary to the female form and, above all, gets you horny. It was banned because of being sexist - a potential answer to why we underperform at Cannes and why the non-nanny states do well. It's like strip clubs, which are often confused with being the exploitation of women, when really they are a fantastic exploitation of men. - Double Ambitious

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