The Week: i-Q - The internet question - Would agencies be more efficient without account handlers?

Why do so many agencies employ so many useless pen-pushing people called account handlers?

As a client, I don't want to have people get in the way between me and the smart and creative people. They love meetings, but never bring the people we clients really want to meet - the planners and creatives. - Max Harrington

To me, a good account handler is like a project manager. They should make sure everything is running smoothly while I'm playing Xbox 360 ... I mean, working hard on ace creative ideas. - Graeme Longstaff

Put simply: the creatives sell the product, the suits sell the work. Let's not forget that not all clients are created equally. - Dave Weygang

Everyone knows that a creative that can present with some commercial understanding is like gold dust, as much as a creative or strategic account handler is. - Rachelle Headland

The standard of agency has a direct link with the standard of account management. The size of the piece of business is also something people fail to appreciate when they say "do away with account handlers". Do you think a global piece of business with different markets, fees, timings and campaigns would work without account management? - Double Ambitious

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