The Week: i-Q - The internet question - Do agencies pay graduates enough?

Yes they do. They pay plenty. That's why I'm borrowing washing powder from the next-door neighbour and showering at work. - Jack Bauer

This really is a case of you get what you pay for. I turned down jobs post-graduation because the pay was sh**. If you're offering crap wages, then grads may well shift to another industry where they can afford to live and make the compromise on their ideal job. - Alex Parr

Get in and prove you're worth it. If you are, the rewards will follow. Choosing a career on the basis of the starting salary rather reveals a mindset that lacks ambition. - Peter Martin

While it may not show total devotion to the myth of creative genius, choosing a job based on salary is sometimes a necessity. Passion is a prerequisite - without it the work you produce will be dull. But it's idealistic to think that people can live on creativity alone. - Sara Chapman

Trying to get grad salaries in line with those in management consultancy or law is surely missing the point. As a grad, you can earn a couple of grand more in market research and as much as £10,000 more going client side - where do you think the best marketing-minded grads will end up? - 1 2.