The Week: I-Q - The Internet Question - Has Big Brother lost its way?

Take a look at the PR it has already generated. It is a powerful media vehicle. Eight million viewers at peak, front-page news stories, not to mention the coverage in the broadsheets, tucked away on pages seven and eight. Clearly, there are dangers, as the race row - generated by the media, for the media - showed. That saw Carphone Warehouse move on but, for a sponsor, it seems to offer value for money. - James Walters

Eight million on launch night, fine, but what's it going to be doing a month from now? Endemol will be more careful after getting its knuckles rapped, but there's still potential for a loose-cannon incident. If I were Virgin, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. - Will Callaghan

You would think that, after seven years, people might have become bored of this pikey programme. - Jack Bauer

I agree with Will - this is a loose cannon. While you may think it's great media planning to throw your brand against such high-volume exposure, you are leaving your brand wide open to content you can't control. - Double Ambitious

Despite the "eight million" who tuned in, I haven't heard anyone bantering about it like before. A sign of the times? - IM Blindsided

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