The Week: I-Q - The Internet Question - Is Cannes just an excuse to party?

Who pays for this? And what does the client get out of it? Little, I would suggest. Cannes is a glorified week-long awards show in the sun, with lots and lots of bubbles. - James Walters

Going to Cannes means spending time with your peers and bouncing ideas off others. Learning by osmosis is a distinct possibility, partying till the sun comes up is another. So, in some ways, it's really an awards night. And almost every industry you can think of has them. And it massages the egos of all involved. And confidence/satisfaction equals looking forward to doing something you think you're good at, which equals better work. So why is this bad? - Sam Ismail

Measurement and accountability are high on business agendas. Measurement of creativity equals peer-group recognition. Celebrating peer-group recognition is a great excuse for a party. Breakthrough creativity requires taking risks. Gathering like-minded, risk-taking individuals improves the chances of any individual being willing to take a risk. Ergo, party on, I say. - Charles Robertson

I think Cannes is great; enough creatives have to slave over dull briefs and unreceptive clients, so allow them their time in the sun. - Will Humphrey

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