The Week: i-Q - The internet question - Is Carlsberg right to use Bryan Ferry?

Why were Bryan Ferry's comments odd? The Nazis were a bunch of frustrated art directors (they liked black, had read only one book and couldn't cope with criticism).

Hitler's only paid employment was as a designer of a series of deodorant posters. His best friend was an architect. The uniforms for the SS were designed by Hugo Boss. There is a thesis to be written about the link between fascism and design. But surely the Nazis' skill at branding is a good thing. The imagery of Nazism retains its power to shock, while the iconography of another, equally murderous philosophy developed a little further east casually appears on T-shirts at Camden Market. - Rory Sutherland

Every art director I've ever worked with was a Nazi at heart. I mean, c'mon, they worship at the cult of Steve Jobs. At least Hitler worked with a charcoal stick and only had a paint pot to piss in. He worked on a really big account and developed delusions of grandeur. Bloody art directors! - George Parker

It's fine for a company named after Hitler's tailor (Hugo Boss) to be in the high street, and for Audi to use one of Goebbel's phrases (Vorsprung Durch Technik) as a tagline, so why the fuss about Bryan Ferry making some references to Nazi imagery (it was OK for David Bowie)? - Tim Milne

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