The Week: I-Q - The Internet Question - Does adland work its people too hard?

It's too easy to respond to the pressures of holding company margin expectations, procurement directors and client requests to cut costs by asking fewer heads to work harder, without understanding the consequences. Everyone loves the adrenalin of the pitch, but this should be the exception rather than the rule. Managers expect creativity to be turned on like a tap. The well must be replenished by time spent reading, in the cinema, watching TV or surfing the net, and the spirit refreshed by having fun - Bruce Haines

If you look at hours worked, there's little difference between what we expect people to do today and what we did in the 80s. What has changed is the intensity, pace and complexity of the work, especially in the digital sector. In the 'good old days', working late had more to do with displays of machismo than anything else. Today, people work long hours because they have to. And they don't have the 'long lunch' either - that's probably a good thing! - Mark Collier

The Nabs helpline is still taking calls from people who've felt they 'can't say no'. The effects of stress can be sudden. If work is enjoyable, you might not realise until very late that you've been doing too much - Gill Harris

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