The Week: i-Q - The internet question - Does comms planning still pay dividends to creative agencies?

Given the increasingly tight margins and decreasing revenues faced by many agencies, comms planning feels like an expensive luxury.

The Ingram Partnership's recent news illustrates that, right now, clients have little appetite to pay for this type of high-end strategic thinking. I think we all understand that the value of comms planning lies in its ability to smash the silos and deliver something that is genuinely exciting. But where the agency only has the ability to deliver revenue from one or two of the disciplines "unleashed" by the comms plan, one has to ask: where's the financial benefit? Planning has to sit in either a multi-disciplinary hub or within client organisations. - Nick Vale

I am not sure clients will ever have the expertise and depth of experience provided by a media-based agency. If creative agencies want to go beyond pure advertising, they need something in this area. In this world of ideas, there is a raft of comms planners offering diverse approaches. Let's be clear though: the next phase of full service should get planning right because it has been wrong for too long. But RBR doesn't really need to be on top of creative planning. Since when did they do anything clever or different? - Patrick Morrison

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