The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - Does Kerry Katona work as an Iceland brand ambassador?

Yes. Lose her and all of Iceland's freezers will defrost, its marketing will go into meltdown and it will disappear in a blizzard of bad publicity. - Sean Ruttledge

Kerry Katona has been a great success for Iceland. The ads were never going to be a hit with the elite circles of the marketing community since they would never dream of shopping at Iceland. The ads aren't cool, the ads aren't innovative, but they are effective, as brand recall surveys have shown. - Andrew McCormick

Regardless of what the pundits from the chattering classes think about Kerry Katona's private life, I suspect Iceland's research shows that she resonates with the frozen food retailer's target audience. Other research has found that Katona is a big turn-off for mums in the AB demographic, but they are never likely to shop there, anyway. Iceland did make a bid for this demographic way back in 2000, when it switched to organic food, but the initiative bombed. - Bill Britt

I agree that Kerry Katona has worked well for Iceland, but I think it's now time to call it a day. Surely even her fans are getting irritated by the ads now? - Nikki Sandison

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