The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - Does it matter if Dove's ads were retouched?

A bit of retouching is par for the course these days. It's no big surprise if it did happen. It's all part of the process.

You can tell the models haven't been significantly altered and retain their original body shapes. I don't think consumers will be surprised or motivated in any great number to stop buying the products. - Mark Smith

Yes, it matters. No matter how much retouching, it is still altering an image that is purporting to be natural. Dove has gone far to communicate its "real women" ideal, with strong campaign messaging and conviction to the cause. So if they're shown to contradict everything they've set out to achieve through retouching, creative rigour is compromised as their campaign comes across as a series of falsities, consumers lose trust and the brand is severely weakened in the process. - Louise Kennedy

It's all a matter of degree - if the retouching altered the skin tone or shape of the women, it's too much. - Richard Hayter

It doesn't matter. They've still got their real shapes/figures etc. A small bit of retouching is probably essential, otherwise the campaign would have looked unprofessional. - Sarah Lambe. - Campaign i-Qs - Post your views at