The Week: i-Q - The internet question - Fallon: top or flop?

Fallon are a very, very good agency. But few agencies can be brilliant all the time. "Orange", "trucks" = bad. "Gorilla", "balls" = excellent. That's just the way it goes. - Richard Hayter

Maybe the bigger question is: Why is there so little good work about? Fallon and Wieden & Kennedy are probably the best two agencies in town at the moment. Both have had hits and misses (as do all creative agencies), but unlike most agencies, they strive to think great, push the boundaries, be creative and deliver amazing work. With so many ads being produced, their hits represent less than 1 per cent of what the industry produces. - Chris Arnold

Never mind kicking people when they're down - we even kick them when they're up. It is simply harder - perhaps impossible - to be consistently good nowadays. Never mind client movement, convoluted approval processes and moronic pre-testing - there is now a variety and volatility in public fashion and taste that we've never seen before. This may mean that agencies should actually aim for a far higher failure rate. Why? Because they know those elusive rare successes will be disproportionately rewarded. - Rory Sutherland

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