The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - Is Google's keyword bidding a step too far?

Google's motto is "don't be evil", maybe it should update it to "don't be arrogant"! - Jonathan Keane

It's all about money, not relevance. Google has been so successful in the past because it's stuck to its principles of giving people the most relevant results quickly. This goes against this. - Jason Carter

It'll make short-term financial gains from brands cross-bidding on other brands, However without the efficiencies brand terms bring, PPC costs will rise and it will become less cost-effective, which will mean businesses removing spend into better performing channels. - Stuart Kilroy

How is this move any different to you thinking you're going into the supermarket to buy Heinz Baked Beans only to come out with Crosse & Blackwell because they were on special offer? As long as our advertising copy and our landing pages conform to all the relevant law and advertising standards, I don't see the problem - give the consumer a bit of credit, they know what's going on. - Janet Smith

I can't see this having a major impact on big brands. It's almost impossible to tempt someone away from the brand that they have searched on just by showing a text ad anyway. - Ben Gott

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